Wednesday, 21 January 2015

An (un)wearable muslin

Well, I tried a different pattern and also managed to use some fabric from my stash...but I have to say it was worth doing a muslin for this! I've learnt some lessons and things that I'll take forward and use in the next version I make.

The fabric was a large remnant, 2m x 1.5m of jersey bought when I was down in London in November last year. It's good quality and I pre-washed it before cutting out just in case it turned out to be a wearable muslin.

I used Burda 7678 and added the usual 2" to the lengths of the body and the sleeves. I think the sleeves are neither short nor long and I'd skip those extra 2" next time.

As for the body, well, it is very long. When I mean long I mean extremely long...long enough to be a dress and I'm 1.75m tall/5'9". In the photo above I've folded the lower band
over on itself to reduce length and tried to drape it as best I can. I know this style is draped and that's what I like about it but there is seriously too much length...oh the things I never expected to say in my lifetime!

The neckline is also V-shaped, which you can't cos my hands are in the way. Looking at it now, I'd prefer a round neck. I'm also not so keen on the fabric now I see it made into a garment. So, basically, I'm a bit disappointed in how this has turned out but I still like the style. In fact I've got 2 or 3 RTW tops that are this style.

I'd like to make it again but here are the lessons I've learnt:
1. maybe choose a finer, more drapey fabric
2. reduce the length of the body
3. either lengthen or shorten the sleeve length
4. make it with a round neck
5. Keep this unwearable muslin for reference and a lot of measuring

So that's that, then! It's not going in my wardrobe.

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