Saturday, 11 April 2015

A simple top

It's just as the title says - a very simple top! I cut this out last Sunday or Monday, I can't remember which day. Today I sewed it up and it didn't take long at all.

The fabric was on sale in John Lewis and I bought the last metre on the roll. It's a floaty, difficult to work with and probably-polyester fabric. I didn't pre-wash it as it's a loose fit top and I didn't really pattern match it when cutting it out.

The pattern is New Look 6217 which I got free with Sew magazine, probably January's issue. I'd had my eye on this pattern anyway so it's probably more a case of I got the magazine free with the pattern!

The pattern has two pieces, with the back cut on the fold and a button opening at the neck. I didn't want to 'interrupt' the pattern of the fabric so I cut both the back and front on the fold. I added an inch to the length of the body.

Here's a better photo of how the top is shaped:
I eliminated the back neck slit as there is plenty of room to pull this top on over my head. Because the fabric is so fine, I thought I'd do French seams but then bottled out of this as I wasn't sure if that would make the seams too bulky and heavy. So I sewed a normal seam, pinked the raw edges to finish, then pressed. This fabric has taken pressing better than I though it would. I'm pleased with the seam finish.

For the neck edge, body and sleeve hems I simply pinked the raw edge, turned over and machined. The pressed. The pattern says to use bias binding for the neck edges but I felt this would be too hard and bulky. We'll see how long my hemming choice lasts!

I used my walking foot and a size 9 needle. I have to say the walking foot is the best investment ever! It's paid off for the jackets I've made and also for this fine fabric. My machine didn't chew the fabric at all. Result!

So what do I think about this pattern? I love it! It still need some adjustments before I can churn out more versions ready for the summer. I can also see it made in a fine cotton and also a jersey fabric too.

I know I can make it in a size smaller, this is fine and wearable but quite large, especially at the neckline. This fabric is so fine I'll probably need to wear a camisole underneath.

I would also make it longer in the body. The hems are curved which I like as it gives a contemporary look to the top.

Anyone else made this pattern? I think it's a really good go-to-pattern that would suit lots of people and versatile enough to make it up in a variety of different fabrics. I'd love to hear what you've made it up in!


  1. I like the look of that pattern a lot, looks easy and versatile. I'm off to seek it out!

    1. Hi Kestrel and yes it's easy when you ditch the centre back seam, neck slit and other unnecessary details! It really was very quick to make although next time I'll think more carefully about seam choice and edge finishing. Well, I say that now....