Thursday, 28 June 2018

This year's new short sleeved Melilot shirt

Yes folks, I'm really on a roll with the shirt-making this year! Here's another shirt I made a few months ago that I've been wearing quite a lot recently. It's another short sleeved Deer and Doe Melilot shirt just like the one I made last year. I've been wearing that one a lot too.

This one is made from a cotton sateen with a bit of stretch in it. I bought it last year but can't remember where I bought it from. I used iron-on lightweight interfacing for the collar and button/buttonhole bands. I bought buttons from Edinburgh Fabrics, they're shiny fish-eye black buttons, small but perfect for this shirt. I'd had a good look-through my button box but nothing looked right. What can compete against the animal print, eh? Especially as that animal print has magenta coloured 'accents' in the print! Unfortunately you can't see the magenta bits in any of these photos, but they are there.

And here's the back view showing the perfectly aligned stripe down the centre of the back but I think I put the sleeve bands on the wrong way around with the angled seam at my armpit and the straight seam on my shoulder. Nothing's perfect!

We're currently having a heatwave in Scotland (words I don't expect to say very often...) and I've been wearing my new shirts loads. They're just perfect at making me feel smart enough for work but I know I'll still keep cool with the natural fibres. The world is divided into people who feel cold and people who feel warm most of the time. I'm the former so these are the perfect garments for working in the warm weather. How do you keep cool and look work-appropriate in the summer?