Friday, 10 April 2015

Wearable muslin

After I spied my long-lost favourite pattern ever, Style 3982, and clicked 'Buy' like a mad thing, I did actually make a muslin before cutting into my fabric. This is very unusual for me as I can't abide any sort of time wasting that cuts into my 'precious sewing time' (that I can use to make a wearable garment, is what I really mean!). I also don't have the patience to make a muslin for everything. I'm fine with making a muslin for a jacket, I can see the point, but for a top?!? This explains why I don't knit.

Anyway, in keeping with the 1980s-ness of the top pattern, I chose what I though is a suitable printed polyester to make my muslin:

It was really quick to sew up and here's a few photos of the top:

I made the sleeve cuffs as per the pattern but because the ends are cut at an angle, and then folded back on themselves, it didn't really work out that well with the patterned fabric. If I chop off the cuffs it might make the sleeves too short for this style of top so I think I'll just leave them alone. My theory is the pattern is so mesmerising on the eyes that no-one will notice what's happening at the end of the sleeves! 

Now you can see the full batwing-ness of the sleeves! This top is just a bit big on me so I made the next size down when I cut into my electric blue animal print fabric. I still really like this top though and have already worn it so I'd say it's a success. I didn't think I had enough photos to write a post about it but there you go! If you want to see the 'proper' version, take a look at it in its full electric blue, black and purple animal print-ness here. Hope you like it but I realise it's not everyone's taste!


  1. He he! Disco- tastic! What a fun make.

  2. Thanks Louise! You're absolutely right, it is a fun make and totally D.I.S.C.O....which was a song by Ottawa way back in the late 1970s/very early 1980s. Now that's a fact dredged up from the back of my memory!