Monday, 1 June 2015

Short PJs

After last year's holiday when we went to very sunny Spain and sweltered in 44 degree heat (even the Spaniards were wilting!) I decided to make some shorts pyjamas for this year's holiday. Well, actually, confession time, this is also a refashion of a partly-finished top, shoved in the bottom of the sewing box from last year (unblogged).

Both fabrics are 100% cotton. the top is a slightly thicker cotton and the shorts are cotton poplin. I used the shorts pattern from the Kwik Sew 2811 pattern I used for these pyjamas . They are simple elastic waist shorts so nothing complicated and very quick to sew. I added about an inch to the length of the legs.

The top was the re-fashioned item. I had cut out a kimono sleeved, very simple shaped top and even got as far as sewing up the shoulder and side seams and attaching the neck facings. Then stopped. I just didn't like it. Sometimes you just get that feeling, don't you? I then shoved it in my sewing box and left it, waiting for inspiration so I could decide what to do with the fabric. Then the pyjama inspiration! I took the partly finished top and cut out a New Look pattern I already own. I can't find the pattern on the New Look website so it's probably out of print now.

So, the top has a scoop neck which has gathers at the front neckline, for about 3" or so. I decided I couldn't be bothered didn't want to sew facings for the neck and armholes so I used some black satin bias binding I already had to finish those edges. For the body hem I cut rounded edges for a more sporty look, you know! I sewed 2cm from the edge, turned twice and pressed before machine stitching the hem. There aren't any tailoring techniques used in these garments! They're for summer holidays and let's face it, it rarely gets warm enough in Scotland to wear these.

It's been satisfying sewing up pjs that I will need and also using fabric and patterns I already have. And I've used an unfinished garment stuffed at the bottom of my sewing box!

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