Monday, 23 November 2015

Painterly top

I just can't stop making these tops but they're soooo useful. New Look 6216 is definitely a tried and tested favourite pattern for me! Funny how they all turn out very different from each other and it all depends on the fabric choice. They're all jersey fabrics but all very different. I've already worn this one a couple of times so catching it between washes and when there was enough light to take photos was a tricky thing. So here it is!

I bought the fabric during the second raid on Mandors in Glasgow. I can't remember what the fibre content is but I think likely to be a viscose as I try to avoid polyester unless it's just too lovely to leave in the shop. Funny how many fabrics are like that though, eh?

This jersey doesn't have much stretch and I really notice it on the sleeves. My swimmers forearms are taking up every millimetre of fabric. It's a cosy fit but not uncomfortably so.

I used my lovely favourite pattern and cut the sleeves as long as the width of the fabric allowed. I also finished the sleeve hem with a band just to try and lengthen them a bit. I'm happy with how they've turned out.

You can see in the photo why I've called it a painterly top as the print is lovely and bold and free. I love the colours of the print too.

I swear that if a pattern has the words 'dolman sleeved' or 'batwing sleeved' I'll buy it! It's like catnip to me! Why change if you're happy though?

I used the overlocker for everything. I've been noticing recently I've had to repair some popped stitches on my older pre-overlocker jersey tops so it'll be interesting to see how long this one lasts. My guess is much longer despite the tighter fabric on the sleeves.!

I finished the body hem with a twin needle, probably my favourite way to finish a jersey top. I didn't use the twin needle to topstitch the neck band, I thought it would look better without it.

I've finally found a better backdrop for indoors photography although yesterday was a lovely sunny day so we'll see what the light levels are on a grey day. I have a bit of a blogging queue at the moment and still have a couple of projects to tell you about. Do you find that with less daylight you build up a blogging queue too?

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