Sunday, 10 January 2016

Random squares blouse

This is another garment I sewed when I was on holiday and finished about a week ago. There is no decent daylight to photograph it so I've tried to light it as best I can know, indoor photos! Anyway, we have about 7 hours of 'daylight' here in Edinburgh but what we see is cloud all the time and rain. Lots of rain! 

So back to the shirt I made using my beloved McCalls pattern 6436

I bought the fabric from John Lewis just before Christmas and just before it went half price in the post Christmas sales. I think I paid £12 a metre for it and I bought my usual 2 metres. But I don't care that it almost immediately went in the sale because...look at all the random squarely-ness!

And the best bit of all was finding square black buttons in my button tin. I didn't have enough to do the cuffs as well but I found two slightly smaller square buttons that are absolutely fine. I didn't do any buttonhole or button on the collar stand because I never do these up. Here's a closeup of the cuff with square buttons. 

It also shows how the two piece sleeve construction is used to avoid the need for sewing a pesky tiresome placket. Don't like doing those fiddly things and this is a much better solution! 

There are two darts in the back which provide some lovely shaping to the blouse. You might be able to see the square buttons better in this photo:

This fabric is a polyester and quite fine and drapery. I really didn't know how it would work out with this shirt but it's good. I used a fine fusible interfacing for the cuffs, front bands and added interfacing to both collar pieces and collar stand pieces so they wouldn't droop. That worked out well. 

Cutting out the pattern and just working with such a fine fabric was a bit of a challenge but it's worked out well and I'm pleased with it. There are more finished garments to be blogged! Signing off from a rainy, dark, cold, dismal Edinburgh...

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