Thursday, 28 January 2016

Vintage Pledge 2016

I've pledged again! I thoroughly enjoyed last year's pledge of sewing 3 vintage patterns so I've made the same pledge this year. Well, slightly different as I actually said ' least 3 patterns...' so there's a bit of leeway!

I really like browsing through the sewing patterns in Etsy and Ebay and love coming across patterns that I remember my mum having in her sewing collection in the 1970s. Last year's surprise for me was finding sewing patterns I had bought and made in the 1980s. And I still liked them enough to buy them and sew them up again - here's one pattern I made twice here and here. I still can't quite face 1990s patterns and styles though!

Have you signed up for this year's Vintage Pledge?


  1. Glad you're joining in again this year, Joyce! Loved your 1980s tops last year (as did some of the other judges too!)

  2. Thanks Kerry, I'm really looking forward to hunting out some other vintage gems! I bought one pattern last year that didn't get past the muslin stage but I want to have another go at it. There's a story behind that pattern too!

  3. Fabulous! Thanks for joining in again :o)

    1. Thanks Marie, I'm really looking forward to it again this year...and I have to confess I've already been browsing through Ebay and bought a vintage pattern. Can't wait to sew it up!