Friday, 1 April 2016

Sunglasses case

Hi everyone and I have to confess I've been so busy sewing that I've neglected taking photos and writing blog post so I have LOADS of finished projects to show you. I've been on annual leave for just over a week and I've been sewing up a storm.

Here's a cheeky wee project for you! I noticed that my sunglasses case was looking very tatty and very much past its best so I decided to make my own. I don't have a pattern or any measurements at all, but I did take photos along the way. Here we go! First of all I butchered the old case to get hold of the bendy metal pieces that open and close the case.

I used some more of the denim from an old pair of jeans to make the outer case and also used a scrap of green silk habotai fabric to line the inside of the case. Nothing but the best for my sunnies!

I used the old case as a basic template the cut the outer and inner fabrics. I overlocked everything and didn't even bother changing the thread. You can't see the thread on the finished case. Turn and press the denim fabric and the silk fabric. Put the silk lining into the denim case, wrong sides together. This was not easy to do but if you put the sunglasses into the case they push the two rectangles down to the other end of the case and basically do the job for you.

Next, fold over the fabric edges at the end. Adding the metal pieces is next and this is quite fiddly to do, there's not much space to work in. Fold over the ends again and stitch them. This was the most difficult thing to do in this project. I tried to use the sewing machine but with the metal pieces in situ it just didn't work. So I hand-stitched the end hems.

Hey presto, after a quick press, the project is finished and I'm very pleased with it! The sunglasses do fit perfectly in the case, I've left them peeking out for artistic effect to make the photo more interesting! Isn't it great when you can make something that you really need instead of trying to buy a replacement?

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