Monday, 8 May 2017

Crazy print top with faces on it!

I'm still on a sewing kick to get some tops made for my holiday. Here's another version of Burda 7079 that I recently made but this time it's in an absolutely crazy print. I made view A, the top but with the following modifications:

  • cut the back on the fold
  • didn't do the front neckline slit
  • modified the front neck facing
  • scooped out the front neck, from zero at the shoulder to 2cm at the front centre
  • added the sleeves from the dress
  • added 2" length

I bought a metre of this 150cm wide viscose fabric from Mandors in Glasgow. I didn't know what I was going to make with it but I knew I'd have enough for a top or maybe a pencil skirt.

I used up almost every scrap of the fabric. I added slits at the side seams, just because I like this detail. I used facings for the neck and simply turned up 1.5", overlocked the edge and machine stitched the hem. Believe me, you can hardly see the stitching in this print. I over locked all the raw edges as this fabric absolutely loves to fray and is quite frankly of an Olympic gold medal standard at it. The fabric feels like a linen so I didn't want to do french seams as they would be too bulky. Maybe it was mis-labeled and is linen, not viscose, who knows?

How to describe the print? In the shop I thought it looked like stylised tree trunks in a forest. Then when I got home I thought it was more like fish squashed against a window. Have a close look and tell me I'm wrong! Yesterday I saw the occasional face...

I cut the sleeves as long as the fabric would allow. I was going to wear it to work this morning (always a good sign) but then didn't. You know how it is. I was swithering about the length of the sleeves and I now think I'm going to shorten them to a more conventional 'short-sleeve' length. It feels a bit frumpy like this?

Maybe the elbow length sleeves with crazy print are just too much. What would you do? You have until the weekend to let me know what you think...


  1. Love the fabric! You could try a fabric burn test to try and work out the composition, if you were interested/could be bothered. Re the sleeves, I think slightly shorter or the same length but slimmer would look great

    1. The fabric is just mad! I know it's a breathable fibre so probably won't do the burn test, but yes, that's a good reminder for when I'm using a fabric that's matured in my stash (or heap in the spare room) for a wee while.

  2. Cool fabric! And it's great to have a pattern that you know works & you can just whip up anytime.

    1. Couldn't agree more! Then you get more confident in making some changes to the basic design, which increases the options too. It could get a bit repetitive on the blog though!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Linda. It's just a bit wild, even for me! I re-did the sleeves yesterday but was so busy sewing up something else that I didn't get round to taking photos. Hopefully, on Wednesday evening I will, and then I can give a sleeve-update.