Thursday, 6 November 2014

Back to black

I've been reading other sewist bloggers who have been making more practical garments to add to their wardrobes. You know, the kind of wearable item that you either wear or it's in the wash. We've all got that kind of thing, whether it's RTW or we've sewn it ourselves. Well. I've recently thrown away a number of shirts that had definitely seen much better days in their dim and distant past. And they'd frankly seen the inside of the washing machine way too many times! Anyway, all of this has kind of made me get on with sewing some rather mundane in a way replacements. Here's another one I cut out and sewed up in one afternoon last weekend-

Yes, it's yet another New Look 6216 that I've already blogged about here and here . I thought I'd give your eyes a rest this time and chose plain black. Yes, the fabric is my beloved bamboo jersey. I think I've cracked it with the sizing of the pattern so I cut it out to the same requirements as I did for the floral version.

I didn't pre-wash the fabric either. It's such a good quality fabric that this doesn't seem to be necessary as there's no difference in the cream bamboo version I made after its wash. I daresay one of these days it will matter though! I always pre-wash wool.
I used my trusty twin needle too. Getting the hang of that quite well. Here's a dodgy photo of the body hem. It's given me the courage to buy an ordinary twin needle and do some top-stitching on woven fabric garments. Actually, I was thinking about a lovely Vogue dress pattern that could look great with some twin needle top-stitching. I like this pattern too, now I'm having a look at it...

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