Monday, 24 November 2014

Burda bargains

Just thought I'd share with you the fact that Burda have 50% off their patterns until the end of November. I came across it over a week ago on the John Lewis website and then spent the entire Sunday afternoon browsing, clicking and collecting. It would be rude not to! Got them on Saturday but haven't yet started to make anything from them yet. I bought 6 patterns for £17.60. Bargain! Thought I'd blog the patterns I bought and think about what I'm going to make with them. 

As I just so happened to be in the store last Saturday and while on my way to the toy department for some Christmas shopping, I just happened to go through the fabric department, as you do, and bought myself a little treat- 2 metres of a lovely black and white dogtooth checked fabric.

I'm going to make some badly needed trousers. My RTW ones that I have admittedly had for years, are on their last legs (unintentional pun there, did you notice?). No photos of the fabric as I pre-washed it.

I've a feeling the dogtooth check will end up as a pair of these trousers.
I'm also being restrained and not starting anything else before the grey lined wool trousers are finished. I've been making them for at least the last six weeks. I have, of course, been distracted by quick-sew projects along the way, well, you know how it goes. But yesterday I finished the lining, attached the wasitband, sewed the lining hems and then had to stop because it was dark and I couldn't choose an appropriate button. I still need to hand sew the trouser hems. So, they're almost finished. I'll blog when they're done and then allow myself to start something else. 

I liked this dress pattern and how it also includes a good jumper/thicker top pattern too. It looks a good casual/smart type of dress that you can just throw on and add layers, accessories and boots.
What can I say? It's a dolman sleeved top and I can never have enough of these (left). I'd make both options of this pattern.

I liked this pattern (right) for what they call a jacket but looks more like a cardigan to me, made in a thicker knitted fabric or jersey. I like the zipped version on the left.  

This is just another option for a thicker weight knitted or jersey top with a floppy collar or a loose dress with a woven fabric skirt (left). 
I (obviously!) liked the dog toothed version of this jacket (right). It has a fur collar but I think that it would be better in a tweed or plain fabric as the front panels kind of 'disrupt' the check. I like the length too. And the fact the pockets are patch pockets rather than welts. I'd need to work up to those! This just looks like a good warm jacket . Any plans for winter sewing?

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