Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Magenta Linden

I've been thinking about my winter wardrobe which in Scotland means about the same thing as an autumn wardrobe! I've already sent for some samples of  wool jersey knit fabrics so I can sew some jumpers and cardigans. Ditto Fabrics have some really lovely ones and their free sample service has also taught me that no two jersey fabrics are the same and you REALLY need to get samples before committing to buying.

So what's this got to do with my magenta Grainline Linden? Well, I'm looking for sewing patterns for jumpers and cardigans and this pattern is a good possibility for a warm wool jersey. The Linden has what I like, raglan sleeves, not too high neckline, sleeve hems and body hems finished with bands.

The fabric is a medium weight 97% cotton 3% lycra jersey I bought from John Lewis. It's a lovely fabric and was good to work with. I used my overlocker for almost all of this top, only using a twin needle for around the neckline.

I cut the size 12 and didn't make any other alterations to this pattern. Look at how long these sleeves are! And I've got long arms. Next time I'll shorten the sleeves by an inch. Problem solved for this version is to fold back the sleeve bans and you've got the perfect length!

I have over-stretched the neck ban when I was attaching it so it's quite wavy in a few places. You can see this in the photo of the back view. I've pressed and used the twin needle and pressed again but those wavy bits are staying! I think the problem is not helped by the fabric, it's just a bit too firm, I think. Something with even a little bit of drape would have been better.

Yes I'll make it again and use a better fabric for the pattern and will probably make it using some of the wool jersey, when I get around to buying it!

What are you planning for the cooler weather? I've also bought the Grainline Cascade duffle coat pattern too. So many patterns so many ideas...!


  1. Lovely colour! And I love this pattern, it's a great one. I have given no thought so far to a winter wardrobe, other than a jacket, which I intend to buy. More Lindens are pretty much guaranteed to feature though.

    1. Yes it's a good bright colour! I became seriously addicted to jacket and coat sewing last spring so I've collected some patterns for a new autumn jacket. I've narrowed them down to about 3 contenders!

  2. Fantastic colour, I really love this pattern one I must buy.

    1. I can't wait to try this pattern again but with a different fabric. I also bought the Grainline Studio Cascade duffle coat but that's another story...