Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Merlot Ultimate trousers

Yes, I've made another pair of Ultimate trousers. and they're in a merlot...burgundy...wine...colour, whatever you like to call it is fine by me. I do like the Ultimate pattern and I think I've got to the stage where it's just little tweakings that need to be made. The inches I've added to the rise and the legs are now perfect.

The fabric is one I bought last week from Remnant Kings in Edinburgh. It's a polyester and does stretch quite a bit in all directions! There's not a scrap of natural fibre in it. But I LOVE the colour. I don't think they're for winter but they're fine for now.

I've been using my new overlocker so the inside seams are finished neatly. I still sewed the side seam containing the zip with my sewing machine. I think it's good to use the seam allowances as reinforcement for the zip. I also haven't worked out how to overlock only part of a seam, maybe it's obvious but not to me yet!

 Here's a close-up of the overlocked neat innards! I attached the facing to the trouser waist by overlocking so I'm pleased with that and with the finish it produced. I used the sewing machine to undersew the facing and the overlocked seam allowance. That turned out well and reduced a lot of the bulk usually in this area.

There's not much more to say about these trousers except I'm reasonably pleased with them and have a strong suspicion they'll grow on me the more I wear them!


  1. Lovely colour, I'm looking out for suitable trouser fabric all the time!

  2. Do you know, finding a suitable trouser fabric is really difficult. I can make any amount of tops (hurray!) but trousers...I still feel there are a couple of tweaks I need to make to the Ultimate pattern but I'm almost there!