Monday, 31 August 2015

The latest it's nothing to do with football

At the recent Edinburgh bloggers meet-up I heard a few other bloggers saying they wanted to improve the photographs they use on their blogs. Me too! So I was really pleased to see Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow announce her six month improve-your-photography-a-long (she gave it the much snappier title of) The Better Pictures Project. Aha! I thought, there's a timely prod in the right direction so I signed up. It starts in September. I don't have a digital camera, just a 2 year old middle-aged/elderly iphone 5 and an ipad. Will you see the difference in my blog photos? Only time will tell!

The other signing up I've done was a few minutes ago to my first Fall Essentials Sew along hosted by Sarah over at Rhinestones and Telephones. I'm in need of some cosy warm autumn clothing so this is another just at the right time announcement. I'm really looking forward to seeing what other people make.

So to round it all up, what you should see on my blog over the next few months are better quality photos of me wearing cosy, warm autumn and winter clothes. Can't be bad! Do you think you'll sign up for any of these...or maybe both?


  1. Oh, I didn't know about the photography thing. Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely need to check that one out!

  2. Hopefully people will see a gradual improvement in the quality of my blog photos...I can live in hope anyway :)