Monday, 21 September 2015

Fall Essentials Sew Along #FESA2015 - cosy pyjamas

At the end of last winter I threw out all 3 pairs of my winter pyjamas. They were done and I'd certainly got my money's worth out of them. So as August came to a close and the 5th annual Fall Essentials Sew Along was announced by Sarah at Rhinestones and Telephones, I knew what my first 'make' would be!

I found and bought some lovely brushed cotton from Minerva fabrics in Black Watch tartan and another checked fabric for a soon-to-be-started second pair of pyjamas.

I used Kwik Sew 2811 which I've used before here. I also used buttons from my button tin, which is very satisfying! I love piping in pyjamas so I had to do it for these and also I felt it would lighten up the tartan, which can be a bit dark. Anyway, I used No.1 piping cord and some green satin bias binding and used the piping foot on my sewing machine. It definitely takes longer to do piping but it's well worth the effort. I used the overlocker for as many of the inside seams as I could.

I cut the cuff sleeve cuffs on the bias, I love the contrast! I needed to add a good few inches onto the pyjamas as the pattern states the finished inside leg length is 29" which is way too short for me. I just  cut more cuffs on the bias to add the length, as you can see in the photo above. It just seemed to be a neat way to add the length I need using the bias cut cuffs I love. And of course it's another opportunity to add more satin piping!

The trousers are lovely and roomy and finished with a gathered elastic waistband. These are a real classic pair of PJs, there's nothing revolutionary about them but then again, I don't want them to be. They just have to be cosy and comfy.

One pair down, two more to go!


  1. You're PJ's look great. I was going to use that fabric for as a shirt!!x

    1. Thanks Savvysista, I think it would make a great shirt too!