Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Vogue patterns sale

Hello again and back to tell you something non-jacket related! I was in John Lewis on Saturday and found out that there is a Vogue patterns sale on at the moment. I bought some. Well, quite a few patterns actually so I thought I'd show them to you and maybe outline some plans for eventual garments I want to sew form them-

After my shock at realising that I can sew jackets and coats, this is what I might want to sew sometime soon. I know it's spring but we've had snow in April before in Edinburgh. I rest my case!

Anyway, 8930, I was thinking of making view C, but adding the patch pockets from the other two views to it. View C has side seam pockets but I'm not keen on this kind of pockets.

I've got my eye on a wine coloured boiled wool from Edinburgh Fabrics. They also had 10% off their wool fabrics so that would be very handy! And look, no buttons, buttonholes etc. It should be a quick make.

2900, I've had my eye on this dress for ages. I can see it made in a good quality linen. And look, it's got pockets! You can't see from the photos but there are lots of panels in the bodices, each view has different bodice panelling and view B has piped seams which is all rather nice. And I'd just like to say that as a tall person it's lovely to see a pattern that is a decent length. I'm not so sure about the rather deep slit at the neck, sometimes one or both sides of the slit has a life of its own and doesn't want to sit properly which spoils the whole garment.

1291, I love this dramatic top! It can be made in stretch fabric and also wovens like chiffon and crepe. I can see this in a lovely burgundy coloured silk. I've got a thing about burgundy. Such a beautiful colour.

8805, I love these dresses. I bought a similar dress a few years ago and it's just such an easy style to wear- literally fling it on and go out the door. It's the dress equivalent of jeans and a t-shirt.

8913, Lovely tops and I can see myself sewing up a few of these in different fabrics for the summer. I don't like the really low back hem though, that just annoys me. It would hang down below the beautiful summer jacket I've yet to make (ha ha!).

I also collected the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers pattern before hitting the Vogue pattern sale! Yep, I did go on quite a pattern-buying spree but boy was it good!

Ah, almost forgot, but John Lewis also now seem to stock Butterick patterns too, which is good to know. Well, you can click and collect online I don't know if you can buy from their shops. I'd need to check. Handy, as I've got my eye on another jacket pattern...what patterns have you been buying?

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