Thursday, 11 February 2016

A hint of spring with a shirt full of flowers

Hi everyone and I wish I could say that spring was here in Edinburgh's not! I've seen tiny snowdrops, the odd minute crocus and the best thing of all, it's getting lighter in the mornings now (hurray!) but it's still cold. Enter stage left a very flowery shirt just to cheer up the spirits.

I bought the fabric a few weeks ago from the sale in John Lewis in Edinburgh and paid about £8 a metre. I bought my usual 2 metres. This is a 100% viscose fabric but it's quite fine. I used my favourite shirt pattern ever, McCalls 6436 that I've made here, here and here and will doubtless make again in the future! There's a real addiction to this pattern going on here and I'm not giving it up! It's great to have a properly fitting shirt. The sleeves are long enough for me, the back fits perfectly across my broad back and the body length is just right. No flashing my bare back when I bend over!

I had a look through my button tin but couldn't find anything I really liked. There were plenty of OK buttons but nothing that managed to make its presence felt in amongst all these flowers! So I actually bought some. That's something I haven't done for a long time.

There is a pattern repeat but I didn't bother matching this when I cut it out. Who's going to notice? I applied iron-on interfacing to both pieces of the collar stand and collar just to give it the perfect 'body' to stand up properly but without being too stiff. I finished the shirt on Sunday and wore it to work on Monday. The sign of success! It's now 'in the wash'. These photos were (obviously!) taken at night when I got home and after a day wearing the shirt so because it's viscose there are wrinkles but...I don't care! And you can't see them in among the flowers. What do you think? A bit of brightness for a late winter's day? Do you wear colour to pep yourself up a bit?


  1. Gorgeous fabric for this lovely shirt Joyce. Having a shirt pattern that works perfectly for you each time is such a gem. I think wearing bright and vibrant clothes is such a good idea in the midst of winter.

    1. Thanks, Marjorie! I'm just addicted to sewing tops. I love having a pattern that I've made the necessary adjustments and I can just sew it up time and time again!

      Do you have a blog, Marjorie? I'd love to follow you and see what you make.

    2. No Joyce, I don't have a blog but I am on Instagram and my account is - marjoriesews If you haven't joined Instagram, I highly recommend it if you would like to follow people who create. I am addicted.