Monday, 14 March 2016

PJ trousers and they're not even for me!

Settle in and get comfy, this is a long-ish story...picture it, Christmas 2014 (yes, that isn't a typo!). I gave C some fabric, elastic, the pattern and some thread to make up a very simple pair of pyjama trousers for lounging around the flat. He had previously said he wanted to learn how to make clothes but the reality was that he didn't have the time or it turns out, the inclination either. Anyway, I wasn't going to let that fabric go to waste so I pre-washed it. And it hung for about for months as other infinitely more interesting fabrics and patterns queue-jumped the boring, dull plain pj trousers that weren't even for me!

So by mid-February I thought I really should just go ahead and make them before the warmer weather (*chuckles to self*...this is Scotland, after all...maybe I mean slightly less cold weather...) sets in and C doesn't want to wear them any more. 

So, I used Simplicity 2116 and they were exactly what they promised to be, so easy. The fabric is a brushed cotton bought from Edinburgh Fabrics. They're a plain pair of pj trousers, nothing fancy, with an elasticated waist. I used the overlocker throughout the construction, except for sewing in the elastic and for the hems. These were a really quick make, cut out and sewn up in about 3 hours. I'm not the fastest sewist and I don't try to be. Otherwise Mistakes Happen (capital letters intentional). Mind you, mistakes happen now and then when I'm not trying to be fast, but there you go!

I measured the elastic around C and then machined the two edges together. Then I sewed the elastic directly onto the top of the waist edge. Then turned the top down over itself until the elastic is completely covered by fabric. Then I sewed the waistband casing. The rise on these trousers comes up quite high, even after treating the elastic and waist in this way. I could regret all this though, as C is now saying the elastic is too loose...I stretched it a good number of times before measuring it against him though. Well, looks like I'll need to get my seam ripper out!

So, in conclusion, this is a great pattern and very easy to sew up. There aren't many details on it at all, but the pay-off is that there's a good range of sizes and the pattern is unisex. 

I know I've posted quite a few not very interesting projects recently but I've felt like I've temporarily lost my enthusiasm for sewing more complicated garments. I just wanted some easy projects that I could finish in the short amount of time I've had recently for sewing. The temporary loss of 'sew-jo' seems to have hit quite a lot of sewing bloggers in the new year but they all seem to be getting over it. maybe it's a seasonal thing? 

At the weekend I sewed lots. I feel like I'm back in my groove now! I've finished my first Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge of 2016...then promptly wore it so it's been washed and is now hanging up drying. I also finished a pair of grey Ultimate trousers and a pair of Named Jamie jeans (but in black needlecord fabric). All need photographing and blogging about. I feel like I should get my photography sorted out and improve the quality of the photos I take. I'm falling behind in photographing competed projects for this blog and there's a backlog to blog about. Here endeth my sewing confessions...for the moment anyway!

I'll be back!

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