Thursday, 21 August 2014

Buttons and stuff

Now, I'm taking a wild guess here, but I'll bet that a lot of you out there have a button tin. You know the kind of thing, the tin where you throw all the buttons you cut off clothing that you throw out just because they might come in useful. Or throw in all the odd button or two extra from a pack that you buy to finish a garment (if you can't buy buttons individually). Well, all this came into my mind the other night when I was rummaging though my tin, here's a photo of said tin and contents-

To have a good rummage you really have to empty EVERYTHING onto the floor! And yes it is tartan, it does live in Edinburgh, after all. Just to accentuate the Scottishness of it, as if being red tartan wasn't enough, I think it was even a shortbread tin, contents looooong gone! Anyway, as I was looking through the buttons, I realised that its like a history of the clothes I've made over the years and what I was doing in my life when I was making them or wearing them. Does anyone else think this way too? There are some buttons I'll keep but never use for sentimental reasons. These are the ones my gran gave me and are very definitely vintage ones- glass buttons, mother of pearl shirt buttons and some lovely large coat buttons. Some of the details are lovely too. Anyone else have a vintage button collection or button tin/box? 


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  1. Yes, I have my mum's button jar somewhere. I used to love tipping out all the buttons and playing with them when I was little. When I find it again it will take up residence in my sewing room.