Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A busy gap...

Well, I know it happens to everyone and I knew it had to happen to me sooner or later. Yes, The Disaster. I was making a top from yet another bold fabric (when isn't it?), very plain with dolman sleeves, lovely. Started to pin the sides together when disaster struck. My horizontal pattern is skew-wif! It doesn't match. How?! Why?! I carefully steam ironed the fabric before folding it in half before I started laying the pattern pieces on it so I could match everything up. Something has gone wrong but instead of throwing it in the bin in complete disgust (that'll show it!) I decided to stuff it to the bottom of my sewing box. Give it a breather while I do something else and work out what to do. It's funny, but I read this advice on another blog and they're proving to be wise words. My sewing brain is already thinking of how to get around this challenge. You may yet see the bold dolman sleeved top in a future blog post!

Anyway, to console myself I had to make another one of my successes.
Yes, it's another bold patterned pencil skirt. After the previous disaster it's good to get on with something that you know you'll like. So, I'd had my eye on a this lovely bold fabric in John Lewis that suddenly went on sale for £9 a metre. Bargain! The fabric is a 97% cotton 3 % spandex mix and it's lovely to work with. There is some stretch in it but I treated it as a woven fabric for this skirt. I also like re-using patterns, I know some people don't but the second time you make something it always fits better and this is no exception. It's like you just get to know the pattern better.
What do you think?
Rather proud of this zip even if I do say so myself

Proof that it's lined!


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