Monday, 11 August 2014

A bright skirt

Well, I kind of got a bit ahead of myself and went mad shopping for fabric. So easy to do! And it doesn't help that I'm on annual leave at the moment. Anyway, I finished the striped sleeveless top just as the weather in Edinburgh became a wee bit cooler. I'll show you a photo of that soon when it's ironed and neat-looking. It's just been washed.

So, the bright skirt. I decided I wanted a summer skirt that wasn't black, skirts of any kind are difficult to find at my height. I saw this wonderful fabric in John Lewis at the weekend and had to have it. I've made a lined pencil skirt:

 By the way, the lovely black necklace you can just behind my phone was a very successful purchase from the British Heart Foundation charity shop on Dalry Road. I bought another one but this is definitely my favourite! Kind of goes with the skirt too.

And just in case you want a close-up of the how bold this pattern is...

Going out to see 'Inala' at the Edinburgh Festival so something lovely and bright like this seems a good thing to wear!

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