Thursday, 7 May 2015

Me Made May - Week 1

I decided I'd spare you from falling asleep with daily posts of what I'm wearing for Me-Made-May 2015 and save it all for weekly posts. So here they are! My pledge was to wear at least 4 items in a week. So how have I done?

This is me in my natural habitat...a restaurant. Note the wine hasn't been ordered yet so I'm obviously getting a bit twitchy about that. Thanks to my friend L for her photographic services. I'm wearing the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge top and scarf I blogged about here. This was also the first outing for this electric blue/purple/black animal print ensemble and it was a rip-roaring success. I loved it! It's now in the wash...AGAIN!

In Monday I wore a new top I'd sewn up the day before just because I'm like that! If I sew it I have to wear it, none of this 'keeping it for good' malarkey! This is me in my office.

Tuesday it was the turn of my magic-eye top (are magic eye pictures still around? I tried them a few times but they never worked). I thought I'd photograph a different angle of my office. Just for a bit of variety.

Wednesday was the floral top. I've a feeling this is stretching a bit in the wash. Mind you, I do wear it a lot. Still in my office!

Today it's the turn of my floral blouse. I do like this shirt/blouse especially as it doesn't need any ironing. It's a wash and wear. And yep, still in my office!

I've also been wearing other clothing I've sewn, but haven't worn them all day. This week I've worn both of the jackets I made, but only remembered to photograph one of them.

Me at the bus stop on Monday with this jacket on...

..and the same jacket just arriving at work today.

This week I've also been wearing the PJs that I made but as I don't go out of the house in those (!), I'm not sure if they count for Me Made May. Och, I'll stick them in anyway!

So, the big question. What have I learnt this week?

  • I've sewn mainly tops which isn't surprising as that was a gaping chasm of a hole in my wardrobe months ago. I think I still need some more as there are some older RTW tops that really need to see the inside of a bin! 
  • I've got two jackets that are fine for this weather, but in a month's time, I'm not so sure. I need some lighter weight jackets.
  • I wear a lot of scarves. I knew this already but looking at these photos, I could make some myself. 
  • And the biggie. I need to sew trousers and some skirts. I have very few 'bottom half' garments and really need to sew some up. 

How are you all getting on with Me Made May? I think I've done not too badly this week for wearing me made clothes but as I look through my Wardrobe page I realise there are some clothes I haven't worn as often as others. Well, there are more than 3 weeks to go so brace yourselves!

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