Friday, 15 May 2015

Me Made May - Week2

Well hello there and how are you all? I was busy sewing away like a contented wee thing last Sunday afternoon but haven't finished anything to blog about. Sometimes that's just the way things happen, but I do have my round-up on week two of Me Made May 2015:

Now, I have a confession! I did wear a me made top last Saturday, but I went out for lunch. Yes, I was in my 'natural habitat' again...except this time I forgot to ask my lunch companion to take photo-evidence of me wearing the top on the left. I think wine may have been a factor in this forgetfulness :) 

I also wore the first wool jacket I ever made, this time there's evidence! Yes the weather is still playing about and being too cold for anything but a wool jacket.

This was Monday's garment. It's my favourite pattern and I love the squares print. 

Back to me in my office with my 'magic eye' top!

And here's a double whammy of me on the bus wearing this recently made top and my wool jacket. Trying not to look like I'm taking a selfie. Which I am...

And back in my office with my floral blouse/shirt. And the ever-popular pink scarf. I seem to wear that a lot! Just getting my money's worth out of it, ha ha!

So, what have I learnt this week? 
  • I dearly need to finish the Ultimate Trousers I started last weekend to give me SOMETHING me made to wear on the bottom half. 
  • I also need to think about summer skirts 
  • I also need to sew some cardigans for the summer too. Although there aren't many sewing cardigan patterns out there although I do have my eye on the Mouse House Julia cardigan, Burdastyle's Karen cardigan and Sunset Infinity Scarf cardigan patterns.
  • Maybe I need to buy (or make?) some more coloured scarves!
I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night so that'll hopefully give you some relief from the by-now-getting-repetitive stream of tops you've seen for the last couple of weeks. I have three me-made contenders to wear for going out. 

This weekend I'm going to buy the final supplies and make my muslin for my Minoru jacket. Can't wait! 

Until the next time, have a good weekend!

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