Thursday, 21 May 2015

Me Made May - Week 3

Let the repetition begin! Here's my roundup of week 3-

This is an interesting one because Me Made May has made me wear it for the first time. I'm not sure why I haven't worn it since I first made it, perhaps it looks too 'Christmas-y' with the red and green?

Either way, it's 100% cotton and lovely to wear. I don't think it'll ever become my favourite but I'm not getting rid of it. It's Paisley pattern, after all!

So this is what I wore last Saturday daytime.

I went out for dinner on Saturday night and forgot to take my photo. So you'll have to make do with this 'from my blog' photo of the me-made top I wore.

Now, here's the story...we don't get the May holidays at the beginning and end of May. Instead we get an extra-long long weekend in the middle of May and get the Monday and Tuesday off. Nope doesn't make sense to me either but I'm not going to argue with a couple of days off!

So, here I am, about to do a day's sewing, see the sewing machine ready for action in the corner! I'm wearing my black bamboo top. Love the fabric! I wish they did patterned/printed bamboo, I know it's not cheap but it's far superior to cotton, lovely silky smooth finish to it and it's breathable. Apparently it's also more environmentally friendly than cotton to produce. I didn't go out of the house all day, just stayed inside and sewed. Bliss!

I stayed inside the house and sewed all day until I had to head out for my swimming lesson. Here's me taking a sneaky photo while in a changing cubicle of the pool. I'm wearing my most recent top, I love the colours in it.

No, I didn't change into a me-made swimsuit. To be honest I can't be bothered to make something that will only last me about 12 months before the lycra gets eaten away by the chlorine. And that's with chlorine-resistant fabric. I don't have a lot of time that I can sew so I'm not wasting it (my personal viewpoint!) sewing swimwear. Or underwear either, but let's not stray too far down that road.

Wednesday meant back to work and what I call my Hornel top because it reminds me of the paintings of E A Hornel. He was an artist who lived in Kirkcudbright (pronounced Kirk-koo-brae) in the south west of Scotland at the end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th century. I was born in the area (not at that time) and spent the formative years of my life there. Some of his works have a strong Japanese influence but he also painted Scottish scenes too. The pattern on this top reminds me of his treatment of flowers in some of his paintings, just in case you were wondering where all this was going!

He was associated with the 'Glasgow Boys' and we saw lots of their paintings at Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery when we were in Glasgow last month. You can also visit Hornel's House in Kirkcudbright too. There, I've (unexpectedly!) done my bit for tourism in Scotland.

So, back to me Made May! Lessons learnt this week-

  • I have been wearing quite a few items that I haven't worn for a few months, or indeed ever.
  • Still need 'bottoms'!
  • Need some outerwear for when the weather gets warmer (will it ever?!?)
  • Need some cardigans too

What I need to do now -

  • take some photos of my now completed green linen Minoru jacket and blog it
  • get on and finish the black stretch cotton Ultimate trousers
  • get started the stone coloured stretch cotton Ultimate trousers
  • finish the large multicoloured feathers skirt (and I mean 'LARGE' feathers)
  • cut out the magenta viscose fabric for a Julia cardigan (this item has parachuted in and jumped to the top of my sewing list!)   

Better go and earn some more fabric tokens at work. I'll be back.


  1. great post! I love the top you wore on Sunday :-). interesting you should talk about kirkudbrigh (gah scuse spelling!!) we were at a wedding there last summer - in the small church right on the water it was beautiful!

    1. Hey Jennifer, thanks! Did you make your wedding outfit? Kirkcudbright is a lovely place and interesting with the artists colony feel to it, even today. I've been reading about your Me Made May clothes and I'd like to say that I covet your blue Minoru. It's my kind of jacket!