Thursday, 8 January 2015

Note to self- read the manual!

I've had my trusty New Home sewing machine for years and gradually lost the bits and pieces that came with it. Not that there were that many, really. It's a pre- computer sewing machine but it lets me sew the clothes I want so I'm happy.

You know how sometimes you get an idea into your head and you've just got to do someone about it? I decided I should read my sewing machine manual. Except I don't know where it is. So, never one to be put off by a mere detail like that when I've got my teeth into something, I bought a replacement PDF download of my manual.

I am so ashamed to say that I've only got half way through reading it and already I feel such a numpty! There are things in this manual I should have remembered when I started sewing again in August last year after a break of a few years. I feel like I'm on a refresher course of how to use my beloved machine and feel I've been ignorant of all it's potential and capacity for doing quite extraordinary things I presumed it couldn't as I presumed it was just a humble, pre-computerised machine. I am really kicking myself!

For example, I have just finished a blouse and sewed on 9 buttons by hand. My manual says I could have easily sewn them on in a few minutes by machine!!! That'll teach me. I wonder what I'll find out in the next half of the manual? So that's my 'note to self' - in future read through the manual every few months or so just to remind myself of what my lovely machine can do. It's very easy to get into the habit of using the tried and tested stitches but it's capable of so much more. Does anyone else read their sewing machine manual every so often?

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