Thursday, 22 January 2015

A quick fix top

So, after yesterday's post about a not-really-successful make, I'm showing you something that I've made that I really like. It's yet another of my favourite Simplicity 1363 tops that I seem to be on a quest to perfect the pattern. Well, after the (un)wearable muslin I needed a quick success-fix. Almost there in perfecting this pattern!

The hem is straight, it's just how it hangs on this hanger!

This time I tried adding an inch above the elbow and an inch below. I'd noticed on previous versions that the elbow dart doesn't seem to be in the correct place and I think that's because I used the pattern's lengthening lines to add my 2".

I added the usual 2" to body length and decided to use facings instead of making bias binding as this fabric is about the finest I've sewn with recently. The facings worked fine and were the right choice but I think I'm a bias-binding girl at heart! I'm not sure if I'll need to have a camisole underneath but it's been too cold at home to put this on I'll have to wait to see if the elbow dart placement is improved. That's why the coat hanger is modelling it for you! I know a lot of bloggers apologise for their photos but I'd rather see the finished garments than not at all. I'm a sewist not a photographer.

Here's a close-up of a good zip insertion, even if I do say so myself (!) -

Again, the pattern matching could be better but I can see improvement every time I try to do this better. The lines of pattern are absolutely horizontal in real life, honest! And here's a close-up of the fabric, in case you haven't seen enough of it already! 

I really did raid the John Lewis fabric sale. Twice! This is some of the fabric I bought but I've got tons at home, some of it just waiting for the right pattern, while others are in the queue in my head! I've sewn so much patterned fabric recently I feel I'd like to do some plain fabrics just to give my brain a rest.

What's on your sewing table? Or in the queue in your head?                                        

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