Friday, 12 July 2019

Named Stella shirt

I love Named sewing patterns and for me, they're always a winner drafting-wise. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to buying a pattern, and the Named Stella shirt is one of those that I've been meaning to make for a long time. Finally done it!

I was drawn to the raglan sleeves and the interestingly shaped collar. What I also learnt was a super quick and easy new way to sew cuffs. I've stolen that idea and have used it again on another, to be blogged, shirt.

I'm less pleased with the fabric though. I love the design and the colours in the print. the design is lovely, but you might be able to see in the photos, the black background has washed out very quickly so the fabric surface looks a bit foggy. I bought this from Guthrie and Ghani, but I've seen it for sale on other sites too.

The buttons are from Edinburgh Fabrics when I raided their button collection for anything shirt sized. I went in last Saturday but it looks like they've reduced their button selection, which is a shame.

I made a muslin of their size 16, added a full bust adjustment, lengthened the body and didn't lengthen the sleeves. It was fine so I made up the shirt in the 'real' fabric. I need to add an inch to the sleeves, something I found out while wearing it. The dart is too low. The body is quite long but I'm swithering about shortening it by an inch. Depends if I can be bothered or if I remember when I cut out the next one!

And I almost forgot to show you the cuffs. They're brilliantly simple. There is no placket to sew, which makes this a super simple, fast cuff to sew. You sew the cuff band on to the sleeve in the same way you'd sew a jersey knit band on to a sleeve. The buttonhole is sewn through a 'pinch' that you take in the cuff, which is more difficult to describe than to actually do. The cuff then looks like a normal flapped cuff. Here's a photo showing the lack of a time-consuming placket:

Next blog post, another Names sewing pattern! Really, I should just admit defeat and buy all their patterns...what are you sewing up at the moment or has summer diverted your sewing? 

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