Friday, 24 May 2019

Tie front top with a fair amount of alterations

So I'm continuing with the seldom worn items for Me Made May. This is a top I completed sewing in late autumn, after a slight pause while I changed tack and amended it from what the pattern intended, to something I wanted to wear. I finished the top, and then it hung in the wardrobe for months.

I used Simplicity8601 and view A. It's so long ago that I can't remember the amendments I made to it. Certainly I would have added length to the body and those lovely bell shaped sleeves. The fabric is a polyester, can't remember where I bought it but I love the colour!

Now on to the tie front. The front and back pieces have seams and the front seam is topstitched. I tried on the top with the tie front and absolutely hated it! Then it sat on the table for a few weeks until I decided to sew up the entire front seam, cut the ties off and cut a curved hem. I like it now! The only slight 'thing' about it is that I'd like it if the sleeves are slightly wider in the bicep, but it wouldn't stop me wearing it.

So, even though it's made of 100% polyester and isn't nearly as shiny looking in real life compared with these photos, I'm going to keep it!

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