Monday, 6 May 2019

Hit or miss?

As my Me Made May 2019 pledge, I said I'd wear at lest two items of never or seldom worn clothing and decide to keep, alter or donate. So, the first contender is this blouse:

I wore it to work on Friday 3rd May. I've made it before here and here. This version I made last year but I've hardly worn it. Why not? The problem is the collar and the upper placket of this pop-over shirt. They just don't sit right, take a look at the photo below and you'll see what the problem is. The day I wore this it was cold outside so I wore a scarf with it which hid the offending bits. I also feel the sleeves are just a wee bit too short for my liking.

The pattern is New Look 6374 and the fabric was bought from Edinburgh Fabrics. It's a black polyester print, quite nice and with green, cream and red flowers. I like the print and the fabric is also quite a 'nice' polyester. It's not a difficult shirt to sew, you just have to be really, really careful when sewing the placket. 

All in all, a great blouse pattern but one where for me, the collar just isn't 100% right. I was sewing a Kalle long sleeved shirt at the weekend and the collar just sews up without a problem. So this shirt is a miss for me, it's already washed and in the donate pile now. 

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