Monday, 26 January 2015

Dogtooth checked trousers...finally

These have been a long time in coming! I think I've been sewing them on and off (well, mostly off!) for the last 6-8 weeks as other more exciting projects have come along and jumped the queue. But here they are.

The fabric is a black and white dogtooth check man-made fabric bought from John Lewis. I pre-washed it before cutting out view A from Burda 7123. I bought this pattern when they had the half-price pattern offer at the end of last year.

But then I made a total botch-up when cutting out and it's all my fault. I decided the crotch length looked far too short and added 10cm (why that much?!) As I sewed them up I added the side zip and tried them on and of course the crotch length was far too long (who'd have guessed!?). So, I then cut off the excess length which then meant most of the darts too! So, re-do the darts. That was better but the waist was too big so pinch out the excess there too. All of which meant lots of basting and trying on and more adjustments.

After that, it was plain sailing! The trousers have a waistband and I'm not sure I really like waistbands. I can't seem to get them to fit me properly and they are usually a bit too wide and with a slight gape at the back, but after all I've been through with these trousers I can live with a slight gape! I prefer facings to finish a waist area and I have so much more success with them, getting them to fit snugly, but sometimes, you know, you just like a change from the same-old-same-old and want to try something new. That'll teach me!

I've done well with matching the checks and inserting the zip, so I can say something positive about them! And as I'm sitting here at work typing this post I can say they are warm trousers, which is good. It's also a good sign that I'm wearing them as soon as finishing them too! I will say they are feeling a little bit loose, especially at the waist, but with all the messing about with them I'm not going to alter them. I think I have a habit of over-compensating and adding too much extra fabric just to be on the safe side.

Here's a happy smiling me because I've finally finished them! I wasn't fed up with them it's just I wanted them finished and I'm getting pretty desperate for trousers of just about any kind. So, they're fine but I'm starting to think about either making facings for future trousers from this pattern, or getting Sew Over it's Ultimate trousers...I'll have to have a look round the blogging world and see how they turn out. I need a good trousers pattern!

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