Monday, 2 February 2015

A wee touch of tartan

Yes, it's a very practical sew! A black skirt. Not much more to say or to get excited about but this one has a hidden secret because...on the outside it's a mild, mannered skirt but on the inside it's hiding red lining and tartan.

The black fabric is a 97% wool and 3% lycra that I saw in Edinburgh Fabrics a few weeks ago. I think it was about £25 a metre but it's just a lovely of fabric to work with and fits my aim to use better quality fabrics. I pre-washed the fabric but not the lining.

You can see a sliver of the red lining at the back split. I know you're supposed to sew the corner of the lining loosely to the skirt itself but I quite like the little bit of red showing.

Where's the we bit of tartan? Me eyes fell upon some tartan bias binding, which as a bit of red in it so I thought, perfect, I'll use that to stitch the skirt hem. Looks good!

So everything is lovely and neat and I really like this skirt. I'm pleased how it's turned out and despite it being boring black, the colourful innards kept my interest as I was sewing it. I used my tried and tested Simplicity 1559 pencil skirt pattern that I've made before. All in all, it was a breeze to sew and fit and it's added another basic piece to my wardrobe.

Anyone else added some hidden gems or secrets to their sewing?

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