Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My first garment for my Vintage Pattern Sewing Pledge- a nightshirt

Hi everyone, I did say yesterday I'd be blogging about my Vintage Pattern Sewing Pledge 'make' very soon and here it is! I decided I would only things I know I need and will wear (disasters aside) and a vintage nightshirt in eye-watering Paisley fabric fits the bill for me! You will be seeing lots of other PJs coming up though the next few months as they all seem to have gone kaput at the same time.

Anyway, fabric comes with a warning for those of a nervous disposition as it is a big, bold pattern. OK, you've been warned! So where did I get the vintage pattern from? Well, I've now developed a serious Ebay and Etsy stalking, lurking and buying addiction. Wow, I seriously love some of those patterns! Here's the pattern I chose which is from 1976-

I cut out view 1 and shortened it by 5" as I like to wear a nightshirt (and trousers) instead of a normal RTW PJ jacket which is usually too short for my height. This pattern has a long button opening in the front with a pleat detail from the bottom of the button band to the hem. There's a front pocket, grand-dad collar, long sleeves and a curved hem.

This is a unisex pattern and I never thought anything about it until I was sewing the buttons on at the end, but the buttoning is on the wrong side for me, it's for a man. However, I'm so lazy I won't be undoing any buttons as this is so roomy I can pull it on.

Now, are you ready for the fabric? It's a 100% cotton paisley print that I bought in John Lewis sale at half price. I know there's a contrasting fabric used in the pattern for the sleeve hems, pocket top and collar but I just couldn't have anything in competition with The Paisley!

When I started hemming I thought it was still too long so I cut another 5" off the length but I feel I've made it a little bit short, especially when I look at the photos, but that's fine. Here are some atmospheric evening shots of the nightshirt in its natural habitat and under normal lighting conditions!

I've decided to wear the collar turned down as it's quite high at the back and I never do the buttons all the way up. Here's a photo showing what I mean-

And here's the pocket, if you squint at it you might be able to make out a pocket shape, it's kind of in 'Paisley camouflage'!

And of course, some photos of yours truly wearing the finished nightshirt -

I added this last photo just because I like it and I'm laughing...probably at the thought of the next project I've started which is another vintage pattern. I think it's nervous laughter as it's a project with a capital P!


  1. A great combination of fabric and pattern, looks lovely

  2. Thanks, I haven't worn it yet though. It's sitting in a drawer waiting for the warmer weather just around the corner *eternal optimist*