Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Chrysanthemum print top

Well...when I say chrysanthemum I probably mean it's quite a stylised version but it was the cerise pink that swung it for me! It's easier to see closer up.

I just had to bring out the cerise somewhere and adding bias binding to the neck seemed the right thing to do. This fabric is fine so I drafted facings for the neckline too and this provides enough 'body' for the rest of the top to hang from. I used Simplicity 1364 again and the fabric was bought from John Lewis, perhaps in their sale but I can't remember. 

I have added some width to the back pattern piece and I think I need to review how I've done that. In fact, I'm thinking I should start from scratch with how this pattern fits me and how I go about making fit adjustments. Basically, I'm discovering that with swimming I've developed back muscles (and arm muscles too) and clothing often feels tight across the upper back. I added width (2cm?) to the back pattern piece and I think that was perhaps too much. You can see the too-wide shoulder seams in this photo. 

Good pattern matching though! There is a zip in the back seam, just for info! The pattern is one I've made so many times before. The fabric is a 100% polyester, probably John Kaldor and is good quality. Do I love this top? Not really. Why not? I don't know...I will wear it but I know it won't be the first thing I reach for in the wardrobe. But there you go, some you win, some you lose in a way! 


  1. I love the pink neck binding and your pattern matching is spot on!

  2. Hi Beverly and thanks for your comment. The pink binding just adds a bit of zing to an otherwise dull coloured top. I think I might not like the polyester fabric but it won't stop me wearing it!