Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me Made May round up

And here are the last few days of Me Made May 2016. Plus a few thoughts and what I'm going to sew as a result:

Sunday 29th May
Named Jamie Jeans - still unblogged and still hanging my head in shame!
Autumnal flowers jersey top

Monday 30th May
Black Ultimate trousers
Flower print shirt

Tuesday 31st May
Animal print big shirt - love this! Need to make more of them.
Fleece - although to be honest it's getting a bit warm to wear it. Even in our flat!

So, the important bit. What have I learnt:

  • Quite a lot of my clothes were sewn quite a long time ago. This has been a big revelation! 
  • There are some pieces that I wear every week because I just love wearing them. 
  • I haven't taken photos every day and for the most part I'm happy with this. Last year it became a huge chore to do a daily photo.
  • There are some things I need to add to my sewing list (see below)
  • I still seem to be building up my handmade wardrobe and start each season panic-sewing (eg. trousers). By the end of that season I have enough pairs but then the next season begins and the cycle starts again.
  • I need to make sure I blog my makes! Quite a few of my clothes were unblogged. 

What do I need to sew:

  • More jeans - I'd like to try a slightly different style as I'm using Named Jamie jeans pattern and it's nice to try something new.
  • Sew a swimsuit in a patterned fabric
  • Summer pyjamas - I need at least one more pair but I have got some fabric set aside
  • Summer trousers - I need some cotton/linen trousers in different styles to get through the next few months  -both for work and for leisure time
  • Transition/lighter weight jackets. I just can't seem to find a decent pattern and haven't sewn up any. The situation is DIRE!
  • Summer cardigans
  • Woven t-shirts would be great for work
  • Scarves - my collection is getting quite old now and some of them need to be retired and replaced. I'm wondering if I can sew some up?

Well, did you participate in me Made May this year? What have you learnt and has your sewing list just got much longer too?!

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