Monday, 9 May 2016

Me Made May - Week 1

I wasn't sure how to document what I wear each day during Me Made May 2016. Taking photos last year became such a chore and I don't think it was useful for me. This year, my pledge is to wear at least one me-made every day. I'm interested to see how much of my sewn clothes I actually wear each day and to find out if there are gaps in my wardrobe. So, I'm going to post a weekly catch-up and include links to everything me-made that I wore. Here goes!

Sunday May 1st
Flowery jersey top - I haven't worn this much, probably because it's a 100% polyester jersey and I made it at the middle of winter
Black Fleece - I need to sew replacements for my two zip fleeces

Monday 2nd May
Flowery jersey top - not the same as yesterdays!
Black trousers - unblogged *hangs head in shame*
Black fleece

Tuesday 3rd May -
I decided to throw in the odd photo along the way too just to relieve the monotony of too much text and also to prove I'm wearing it today. And because I enjoy changing my rules as I go along!

Hi-lo hem shirt
Black fleece

Wednesday 4th May
Floral shirt - love this shirt just for the neon acid yellow in the flower print
Black denim jeans - unblogged *hangs head in shame* (again!)
Black Fleece

Thursday 5th May
Coral and cobalt blue shirt - reminds me of our trip to London last November, I love a fabric souvenir!
Green wool jacket
Black fleece

Friday 6th May
Flowery spring shirt
Burgundy cocoon cardigan love this cardigan for its lovely fabric and the colour of it!
Green wool jacket - really need to sew another button and button hole to support the right side overlap
Navy fleece

Saturday 7th May
Flowery jersey top
Navy fleece

So what have I learnt in the first week? That I love flowery fabrics would be one thing! The other thing that I need to take on board is that some of these garments are now getting quite old. That's a surprise! It was only going back to add the links that made me realise this, which is interesting. There are also 'work-horse' garments that I wear every day, things like the fleece tops and pyjamas. They're getting quite a lot of wear. And I need to get a grip and blog the unblogged things I'm wearing even if the photos are rubbish because the weather is dull when I'm at home and sunny when I'm at work! What have you learnt? Anything that's a surprise?

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