Monday, 8 September 2014

Cough...sniffle...but still managed to sew something

Well, I'm just getting over my annual post-Edinburgh Festival cold and had basically rather a quiet weekend but couldn't resist the urge to sew. This 100% cotton fabric has been on my mind since the first time I saw it and I was just waiting for the ideal pattern to use, nothing too structured or it would spoil the effect of the fabric pattern.

Yes I made the door curtain behind me!
I used a Simplicity Vintage pattern 1364 and did the longer sleeved version of it but beware- measure yourself and choose the size according to your measurements. This is a vintage pattern for vintage sized people and sizes were smaller in the past compared with their modern equivalents. A size 12 now is not the same as a vintage size 12.

By the way, there's 50% off Simplicity patterns for a limited time. I bought my pattern at full price, but I've a feeling I'll be using it again and I really like the sleeveless options too.

I added 2" to the length of the body as I'm fairly tall but although I measured the sleeves I didn't think I needed to add any length to them. I think I made the right call as they are long enough and the body length is perfect too. By the way, there's a lovely detail in the sleeve that I've never come across before in a top pattern. There is a small dart about 6cm long at the inner elbow so the sleeve is slightly shaped. Just be careful you insert the correct arm to its corresponding armhole. I anticipated that 'challenge'!

I didn't use facings on this top. I'm not a fan of facings as they always seem to have a much bigger 'presence' than their size actually is! So I made some bias binding and bound the neck. This was the first time I've made bias binding and it's really easy although I should maybe buy one of those tools that folds it for you as I've steam ironed my fingers. No pain no gain! And I'm pleased with the bound neckline.

There is a zip in the back seam of the top which was fine to insert, it wasn't an invisible zip. I'm working my way up to that in a later project! I'm deliberately not showing you the back neckline as I've still to buy some hooks and eyes for the top of the zip/bias binding so technically the top isn't finished yet but I'm tempted to wear it anyway!

What did you sew up at the weekend?

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