Monday, 1 September 2014

Summer trousers just in time for autumn!

I made this pair of trousers so quickly a couple of weeks ago that I almost forgot to blog about them. They're made from the same pattern that I used for Bright Skirt No.1 and Bright Skirt No.2, Simplicity 1559 so I thought I'd just carry on with a pair of really simple trousers. They're made from a lovely 100% cotton twill that I bought from John Lewis. Having said all that about the fabric, I'd love it even more if there was a little bit of stretch in it. I think when I really wear them for a day at work the knees might start to bag a bit without a bit of Lycra or spandex to keep them under control. But, I loved the colour, a lovely, bright raspberry pinky-wine colour, just like in the photo below.

Count them...four darts!
Another thing I love about this pattern is that the back of the trousers has four darts in it. Just call me picky but it's a detail I like. I did change the pattern a bit as I'm not really keen on zips in the back of trousers, as the pattern had. Far too much contorting about to get the zip up, and if you get something stuck in it you can't see what's happening! I moved it to the side instead.

And here's a photo of me wearing the new trousers, trying the old 'take a photo of myself in the mirror' trick. Except it's too dark to really see any detail at all! Oh dear, but you're not really missing much at all as they are very, very plain trousers. And of course, just as I finished hand sewing the hems, the weather took a turn cooler and I haven't actually worn them out of the flat yet.

Anyway, I took the hint from the weather and decided to start making items more suitable for autumn. Yesterday I finished a pair of grey (yes, grey!) trousers Burda 7250 so I'll blog about them soon.

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