Thursday, 25 September 2014

Deja vu?

This post could also be subtitled 'Seeing double' because it's about another green knit fabric top I made. Well, actually this post is about Green Top No.2 that I started a number of weeks ago but didn't get around to finishing the sleeve and body hems till Sunday. Anyone else get stuck at the last hurdle when another exciting pattern + fabric purchase come along?!

Anyway, easily distracted! The green top I made last month and was my first attempt at sewing a knit fabric but although I added 2" to the body length I feel it's a bit short on me. I may end up putting it into a charity shop. However, I made Green Top No. 2 with New Look 6216 and the exact same fabric I used for the first green top, bought from John Lewis in Edinburgh.

I love this dolman sleeve style of top. I deliberately cut it in a larger size as I wanted it to be a looser fit which suits this particular fabric too. I seemed to get the zig zag stitching better this time and it actually looks more like a straight-ish stitch which I hope you can see in the photos on the right. 

And boy, am I pleased with how neat that neck is! Although I have to say I feel I could improve on how the finish looks on the inside neck. I decided to do it as the pattern says and see how it worked out but next time I will be treating it more like a bias binding finish and will hand sew the upturned raw edge before top stitching around the neck. I don't mind hand stitching when you know you're going to achieve a much better finish that you're happier with.

I did, of course, add 2" to the length of the body when I cut it out. It may look a pretty plain top but all I wanted was a basic top I could then accessorise with a scarf or necklace and add a cardigan when I need it- which is exactly what I'm doing now, sitting at work writing this post! It's good when a plan works! 

I will make this pattern again and perhaps use a smaller size as this is quite a loose top. I spied some bamboo knit fabric when I was in Edinburgh Fabrics a week or two ago and that's definitely been added to my mental To Sew list. Actually, what really tickles me is the fact we have bamboo flooring in the hall (seen in the above photo!) and I love the idea of making a top from the same material as the flooring is made from. I also found an interesting little article on The Sewing Directory about sewing with eco friendly fabrics and that also ties in with other blogs where sewists are trying to use more natural fibres in their garments so... you never know, I could be blogging about that sometime soon! Has anyone got any tips for sewing with bamboo?  

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