Friday, 17 July 2015

And now for something plain

Hi everyone and how's your day going? I thought I'd show you a top I made the weekend before going on holiday. Packed it and took it away...and brought it back home unworn. It travels well!

This is another fabric I bought in Mandors when we had our weekend in Glasgow in April. It's a reasonable weight cream jersey, and probably a viscose or cotton with a little bit of lycra thrown in for good measure too! It's a lovely fabric to work with.

I decided to use New Look 6217 that I've used before here because I like the curved hem, kimono sleeves and wanted a more slouchy top rather than a close-fitting jersey top. And I got what I wanted! The only changes I made were to cut the back on the fold and eliminate the back neck slit, button and loop closure. The hem doesn't look great in this photo but it's fine in real life.

But...and you can't tell from the photo as my hand is conveniently in the way...I guess-timated the neck band and it's rubbish on the finished top. I also used my twin needle which doesn't cover up the fact the neck band isn't right!

I took a close-up so you can see in all its glory, no hiding from my mistakes here! But then again, I only ever wear cream as a base and wear a scarf with it, I'm too pale otherwise, or at least that's what I feel.

So here it is with a scarf and a much happier Joyce, see, I'm smiling in this photo!

I think this is a good lesson though. Do we take for granted how easy it is sewing up essential wardrobe basics in patterns we've used before? Get a little bit 'yawn' about it all and forget that the slightly different characteristics of each fabric we choose influence the finished garment, sometimes in surprising ways? Make a few changes to a pattern we've used before and yikes! Oh well, I live and learn!

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