Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Queue-jumper!

When I bought this fabric I just knew it wouldn't hang around among others in the queue pile. I say queue, but really it's a pile of fabric that I'll just pull something out of when inspiration strikes/the prefect pattern suddenly blips on my radar.

It also called out screamed at me to make Simplicity 1364 which by now must be a classic in my wardrobe. I've made so many versions but my favourite is the blue flowered version, it never fails to get a compliment every time I wear it too.

So, here's my latest version in another lovely, flowery fabric that I bought a week or so ago. This shows the front of the top.

I love it! It's a cotton sateen and lovely to work with. The flowers are big, lots of blues, maroon, pinks and some grey and brown, unusual for this style of print. This pattern is lovely to sew too, there are elbow darts, slits in the side seams and a 18" zip at the back. I scooped out the neck by about half an inch as this sits better on me.

Its a lovely patterned fabric but that means...pattern matching the back seam with the zip. It took a while but boy did I make a good job of it (obviously, modesty is my middle name!). I think I'm just relieved as it would have stuck out like a sore thumb if I hadn't done it right. Have a look and see what you think.

I'm one of those weird people that likes putting zips in. Quite a bit of basting is needed but it really pays off in the finished result. Can't resist adding a close-up photo too!

The background of the fabric looks white but in reality it's cream.

C (AKA The Photographer) is still working while I'm off so there will probably be more photos of clothes hanging on the wall rather than on me!


  1. Love your fabric. The pattern looks perfect for showing off fab fabric! You should be proud of your pattern matching, it is brilliant!

    1. Thanks Alison, was worried it might look like I'd cut up a pair of curtains to make it but now I see it in all its glory...I don't care! Pattern matching really challenges my patience but it's worth taking time over. I love it!

  2. Is this the same pattern you used to make the top you wore on Saturday? I love this. I'm not sure I need more plain loose fitting top patterns, but the neckline and elbow darts might persuade me otherwise! :)

    1. Yes it is the same pattern. Well remembered! It's good to have tops you can fling on without too much thought. I just love those elbow darts!