Tuesday, 21 July 2015

I've bought more fabric

Yes folks, I have done two sweeps of the fabric department John Lewis. They had a sale on and there were some rather good fabrics. Want to see what I bought? Here it is and also what I'm thinking of making (subject to change, of course, if a better/new pattern catches my eye!).

This one's quite a 'different' choice for me but then again the colours are good on me and it's a big, bold pattern! I bought 2 metres.

This is a cotton with 3% lycra, 150cm wide and £8 a metre. I was thinking of a skirt, but that seems the obvious choice, or my old favourite Simplicity 1364.

Next, there were some lovely wool fabrics at good prices. The first is dark charcoal grey with a dusty pale grey pinstripe. This is a 70% wool 30% polyester, 150cm wide and I think it was £11 a metre.

It's a lot darker in real life! This is a lovely weight and I'm thinking of a pair of lined Ultimate trousers, unless I see a better pattern. I bought 2 metres so I have a bit of length to play with, which is always good for a tall person!

The next wool fabric is a 100% wool, a good weight for another pair of lined Ultimate trousers. It's a grey small herringbone patterned fabric. It's more a mid-grey colour, again it's difficult to see in the photo.

This is a metre of black lace. Sorry, couldn't resist that! It's funny what comes into my mind sometimes. Back to the fabric...I think this was £7 or £8 a metre. I fancy trying out the Sutton top or perhaps making an entirely lace top with an underlayer. Or...I could completely plagiarise Dandelion Drift and Caroline Amanda's version on Sewaholic's blog  Seriously like those!

And then there's this. It was a remnant of 60cm x 150cm 100% polyester. I figure I can squeeze something wearable out of this if I cut it width-wise instead of lengthwise. I think it was about £3 or £4. If I can get a top out of it...bargain! And I love the huge ivory dots on it just because they're so huge.

Then we come to the black sheep of the bunch. Or flock. This wasn't in the sale. It's a 100% polyester 150cm wide and...well, what is it really? Animal print and what looks like large finger prints all in various shades of cream, black, grey and tan. Perfect for autumn and winter. Let's face it, the temperature in Edinburgh has been abysmal so no wonder I'm thinking of winter! Again I think I bought 2 metres and I'll make a blouse/shirt out of it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the tour around my latest purchases. Bought anything recently?

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