Friday, 30 October 2015

A basic autumnal top

I'm still working away at the forest green wool jacket I started a few weeks ago but...the clocks have gone back one hour so by the time I get home it's dark. Dark green thread is almost as difficult to see by artificial light as black thread! I also don't want to make a silly mistake by rushing things with the jacket just because I don't want to wait for daylight to see things properly.

So, what better thing to sew than a light coloured jersey top! See what I did there...a subtle segway! This is another favourite New Look 6216 in view A. Basically, I add as much length to the sleeves when I'm pinning the pattern pieces onto the fabric, as I can. I think the pattern has three quarter length sleeves but getting full length sleeves just depends on the width of your fabric. Some you win, some you don't.
I bought the fabric from Edinburgh Fabrics a few weeks ago and pre-washed it before it lay in 'The Heap' in my (self-proclaimed) sewing corner of the living room. I think it's a viscose jersey and I can't remember if it has any lycra in it but it is good and stretchy. I like how the pattern looks like it has autumnal flowers and leaves on it, probably due to the colours. It's got a bit colder here in Edinburgh so I feel the need for long sleeves and this top is a perfect quick make and yay! eligible for the Fall Essentials Sew-Along. I used my overlocker throughout but used a twin needle for the hem and sleeve hems. I didn't use it around the neck band, it just didn't need it.

Booooo! With the clocks going back an hour, it's drastically reduced the time when I can take photos outside and benefit from all photos are inside *sigh*.

Participating in Gillian's Better pictures Project has made me think more about background and lighting though so let's hope you can see some thought in these photos! And I've accessorised it with a co-ordinating scarf...standards are being dragged up ever so slowly!

...and a fun shot showing the batwing/kimono sleeves...whatever the difference is between the two! Any ideas?

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