Monday, 5 October 2015

UFO now finished!

So, saga of the UFO (or UnFinshed Object). This was a cream top I'd cut out and started sewing together in the summer. I bought the fabric in my first raid on Mandors in Glasgow in April. It has viscose in it and quite a bit of lycra plus something else too that I can't remember. The pattern was my old favourite Simplicity 1364. There's 50% off Simplicity patterns just now, by the way.

I got as far as sewing in the zip then ignored it. For a couple of months. The problem was with the stretchy fabric, when I sewed the zip I just sewed in a whole load of tiny tucks. Unintentionally. Yes, I'd basted the zip in position and whip stitched the two edges together as I always do. You see, I actually like sewing in zips and take a good bit of satisfaction in a well sewn zip. There! I've said it!

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to unpick the machine stitching and try sewing it again. Slightly better result but still more tiny tucks than I could ever live with. Out with the seam ripper. Again. This time I also unpicked my basting and ironed on some interfacing strips along the zip stitching lines. I'll show it who's boss! Then I basted the zip in again and sewed it for the third time. See! I do have patience. When I'm determined a pesky zip won't get the better of me! This time it worked.

If this hadn't worked, Plan D involved me unpicking all the basting and hand sewing the b***** zip in! Then of course the only thing I had to do were the hems. Never my favourite job it was another week or so before I finally hemmed and finished it yesterday. Yay!

I didn't feel too well yesterday so I have taken some photos of the top on a hanger. I like this top on and I'll get good use of it in the winter, worn with a cardigan or jumper. It looks much better on than it does on the hanger but I just wasn't up to going outside to take photographs.

Preparations for the green wool jacket are continuing. It never ceases to amaze me just how much time and preparation goes into getting everything ready before you even sit down at the sewing machine. I've bought some 100% cupro lining fabric from John Lewis at the weekend but I've still to pre-wash it. I'm not going to wash the jacket but wanted some kind of treatment before I cut it out and it should also be a safeguard for when I get it dry cleaned.

Saturday was a better day for me and I cut out and sewed up a simple jersey top using a £7 remnant I bought in my second raid on Mandors a couple of weeks ago. Still to be photographed and blogged. Why does it feel so good sewing up something from a remnant? Making use of an end of the roll or off cut of fabric? It was cheap and wearable? Whatever the reason, it feels good!

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