Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A new top and some silly photos

Hello everyone and how is October doing for you? It seems to be the time for me to 'courie-in' (pronounced 'koo-ray in', with emphasis on the first syllable - meaning to get cosy or snuggle). It's getting darker earlier in the evening and as I'm writing this, it's 7pm, I've just shut the blinds and put the heating on for a bit. You'll see by the photos coming up that the leaves are changing colour and falling off the trees.

So I've been making some cooler weather basic tops with longer sleeves and some cosy pyjamas for Rhinestones and Telephones Fall Essentials Sew Along #FESA2015. I've still to blog the pjs but I'm wearing them now. 

I've made another New Look 6216  Well, it must be a good few months since I last made anything with it! I used some lovely jersey fabric I bought last month in Mandors in Glasgow. It's a really lovely weight and the more I worked with it the more I liked it. Does that happen to you too? 

This has lovely colours, a teal, putty and dull lime coloured blobs on a black background. Here's a closer view. The fabric is viscose and perhaps a little pinch of lycra. I rescued it from the remnants bin and cost £7 for the piece, which was at least 2 metres and I think is a good price for the quality. 

I also tried taking some photos outside as my October challenge for The better pictures project from Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow. Now, the challenge is to take some photos of 'movement' so...you're warned....they're coming up!

Again, the location is the communal garden for the block of flats where I live. It's beside a main road with buses passing so plenty of potential for embarrassment! Especially when you're jumping around and then decide to kick the leaves on the grass...well, it would be rude not to! Couldn't resist! I know we're probably supposed to do ladylike poses to show off our clothes but...there were just so many leaves lying around...anyway, have a look for yourselves at the photographic evidence!

Now, I was trying to kick the leaves but these photos just make me think of The Monty Python sketch 'The Ministry of Silly Walks'

One thing led to another and I remembered the classic 'Four candles' sketch by the Two Ronnies so I absolutely had to watch that. Then it was a couple of classic howl out loud clips from Only Fools and Horses, the chandelier clip and the bar clip. Finally, Blackadder and the Dr Johnson's dictionary sketch.

Writing this post took much longer than it should have but I've really enjoyed it and it's certainly made me laugh out loud, hope you did too...and not just at my 'Ministry of Silly Walks' photos in my garden!

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